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Popular UK Gay News Website Caught Misleading Readers

PinkNewsMisleadsPopular UK gay news website PinkNews, which bills itself as “Europe’s largest gay news service” has provided another blatant case of gay news media misleading their audience.

In September they published an article entitled “US radio hosts: Same-sex marriage will cause straight men to cheat on their wives with gays” (partially illustrated here). The website repeated the claim in a photo caption, writing “Mat Staver is worried men will cheat on their wives with other men”. The problem though, is that the website was unable to substantiate the claim.

The website accurately quoted their sources stating that gay male couples on average are less committed to monogamy than straight couples, and that this could lead to a spillover effect of a reduction in monogamy amongst straight couples. However, the idea of straight husbands cheating on their wives by having sex with gay men, was presented without substantiation, suggesting that the website possibly just manufactured the claim out of thin air, and then presented it as being factual.

The website even provided an audio clip that illustrated the doubtful claim of the headline. Feedback to the article suggests that few readers noticed that they were being misled.

Hypocrisy Exposed as Gays Admit That One Marriage Affects Others

Those familiar with the debate over same-sex marriage, know that a common cry from gay advocates is that gay marriage should be allowed because it has no impact on anyone else.

This lie was exposed for what it is in September when homosexuals expressed outrage, “horrified” at two straight men marrying each other in New Zealand. The wedding was before family and friends of the spouses; two best mates, who married as part of a competition on radio.

So much for that old line that a gay marriage is nobody else’s business.

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Media Misleads Again as Video of Eviction of Gay Son Goes Viral

A video depicting the ugly eviction of a gay son from the home of his Christian parents, went viral on the internet in August. Gay news sites were quick to report on it, as were many on social media. The angle taken by “gay Christian” activist Justin Lee was not uncommon. Lee wrote on Tumblr “This video of a 19-year-old being kicked out of the house (and physically assaulted) for being gay is extremely disturbing to watch/listen to, …” Blog site TheGailyGrind took a similar angle, titling their article “Christian Parents Caught Tape Beating Gay Son Moments Disowning Him”, and opening the article with the line

“A shocking video captured the moment a God-fearing Georgia family confronted their gay son and verbally and physically attacked him for being a “disgrace” and a “queer.”

And the video does confirm that Daniel Pierce is evicted from the Christian family home on the grounds that he is perusing a homosexual life.

The problem though, is that it’s unclear – and perhaps doubtful – that the son was assaulted for being gay. The video shows that his homosexuality was known of for some time – apparently many years. And it shows that there was animosity over accusations that the son posted negative things about his father on facebook, and had claimed this his parents had not raised him. Also relevant is the fact that the video illustrates the violence arising during arguments in regards to claims of him lying about his step mother during the commotion. The friction was not simply over homosexuality, and homosexuality might not have even been a primary factor in the violence.

Sadly, even the BBC – who have a reputation for being unbiased – gave their website readers the impression that the fracas was simply in regards to his homosexuality. Who can you trust when you cant trust the BBC?

The video is available here.

After writing this post, I became aware the others had noted much the same points elsewhere.

Christians Who Advocate Same-sex Marriage: What Do They Believe?

Gay activists sometimes say that Christians support same-sex marriage. A few do. But what sort of Christians are they? Here are some answers -

Lack of Bible-Knowledge Led to Homosexual Cult

News has emerged of a religious guru who was “using his warped brand of evangelical Pentecostalism to run a clandestine homosexual sex ring”. According to the ABC, members of the cult have reportedly said that -

bizarre sexual rituals were carried out in secret by the cult leader, who described himself as “The Anointed One” with the Lord’s authorisation to sidestep biblical commands against homosexuality and sexually train his male members into submission and obedience.

The cult began in the Bavarian region of Germany. A former member of the cult has lamented that

in Bavaria kids have no concept of the Bible and very little concept of religion per se, so really he could have told us anything and we would have believed it.

 Sadly, lack of knowledge about what the Bible teaches, has led to similar misunderstandings in churches around the world, not just about sexuality, but about an endless array of topics.

Canada, Land of Love


Source: Calgary Sun

Canada has taken some significantly leftist turns in the past say, decade. At times they have had some of the most restrictive laws concerning speech that offends others, arguably travelling down the dangerous road away from freedom of speech. Oh gosh, listen to me “fear mongering”. At least people wernt getting offended, right! Phew.

Canada was also one of the first countries to convert marriage into an institution that is no longer directly aligned with the biological process of raising families. In Canada marriage was redefined so that gay couples dont feel left out – a change that has continued to spread to other countries. The worry of people feeling left out, is presumably also the reason why Quebec decided to publicly fund IVF treatment for lesbian or gay couples. Increasingly, it seems that in Canada, ensuring that everyone is at peace and everyone is equal, is more important than functional logic. If the West begins to ease legal ‘discrimination’ against polygamy by redefining marriage so that it is no longer limited to two people, I have a hunch that Canada would be at the forefront once again.

So with Canada having the reputation of being a country that is largely a national group hug, images of an adult group punch-up came as a surprise recently. The violence resulted in a case of concussion and hospitalisation in July when “tempers flared between pro Palestinian and pro Israeli protesters …” according to the Calgary Sun (for details, select the image). The violence in Calgary was infinitely small compared with conflict in countries in the Middle East, but I saw it as a reminder that radical attempts to legislate equality, are not a panacea.

The Voluntary Eunuchs

When Jesus’ disciples told him that a lifetime married to a woman, with no option for divorce, was not necessarily an desirable path, Jesus reflected on an alternative; the life of a eunuch.

Jesus replied, “Not everyone can accept this word, but only those to whom it has been given. For there are eunuchs who were born that way, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by others—and there are those who choose to live like eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. The one who can accept this should accept it.”
Matthew chapter 19

What seems particularly remarkable to me, is that there are those who choose to live like eunuchs. So what are eunuchs, and are there people today who prefer to live as eunuchs rather than enter heterosexual marriage for life? Yes, apparently, according to this article -


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