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About Site.

Our focus is to bring you alternate viewpoints to what is provided on one-eyed and misleading websites.

Initially this site was going to be about a wide variety of topics, and maybe it will still transform into that eventually, but so far there is a theme that has developed – the gay one. We hold to similar lines of thinking on this topic as expressed by Allan EdwardsChristopher Yuan, Colby Adams, David BennettEd Shaw, Grady SmithGriffin Whiteley, Jaye Thomas, Joe DallasLinda Seiler, Matthew AaronMatt Moore, Michael Glatze, Nick Roen, Wesley Hill, Living Out, Ty Wyss, The PCA and the True freedom Trust. And while not Catholic, we find inspiration from some Catholic angles on this too, eg Joseph Prever, Doug Mainwaring and Pursuit of Truth Ministries. We join with the 17,000+ signatories of the Nashville Statement on sexuality.

1451529_10204752258192707_110554723267001531_nWe are Bible based but include the experiences of modern people in shaping our perceptions and ideologies. This means for example, that in regards to homosexuality, we recognise that attempts to turn straight or to just be biblically compliant, are sometimes far from easy. Not everyone likes our approach, be they liberal or conservative. We have been blocked from commenting on the facebook page of Alvin McEwen, James R White and of the facebook pages for the groups 1,000,000 Supporting Traditional MarriageThe Bible Is Against Homosexuality, The Bible Condemns SodomyHeterosexual Awareness MonthChristians Tired of Being Misrepresented, Progressive Methodists, United Church in Australia and Restored Hope Network. We have also been banned on Susan Cottrell’s FreedHearts blog, New Ways Ministry blog and on the website Lifesite NewsEven comments (largely just referring to statistics) we pasted on the blog of Rachel Held Evans, were removed. On the other hand, we have been cited – favourably or otherwise – by Anglican Mainstream, Christians Tired of Being Misrepresented, Dr Michael BrownGay Christian Movement Watch, Inquisitive Christianity and ThinkProgress.

If you have returned to this site after some time, and thought to yourself “I thought this used to say something different”, then you may be right. Posts on this site are updated based on new information that comes to light. When this happens, text may be added, text may be deleted, and/or aspects may be reworded. This may be an unorthodox approach, but there is no point in keeping details listed that we no longer feel are as accurate or worded as best they can be!

Please comment on individual articles on this site – see the options under the article titles, or the comment box underneath.

We are open to networking with other sites. If you would like us to write for your site, or if you have tips on matters that would fit with this site, please let us know.

Thanks for reading!


12 Comments on “About Site.”

  1. Come on over an check out my Marriage Conservation page on Facebook. We try to allow more discussion on our page than some of the other traditional marriage pages. I like how we can point out the strengths and weaknesses of the different arguments on either side in the marriage definition debate.

  2. kirksroom says:

    I don’t know if this is the right place to post it and I am not actually trying to make any sort of point this time around. I just wanted to ask you this question, just out of sheer curiosity:
    How do people you have met/known in your personal life tend to react when you mention the views you give on the website to them? Do your familiy and friends tend to be Christians who agree with you? How do others react?

    • stasisonline says:

      Well, i think this website goes rather deep. I doubt the average person has heard of Kione Greek words like arsenokoites or of the names of many of those involved in the controversy, from Boswell to Gagnon, or what sort of homosexual practices were common 2000 years ago. So I assume that most people I know wont relate to the content, and I dont bring it up. Ive worked with a colleague who has a gay brother, but the family are not Christian, so again there seems little point in bringing it up with her either. My home church has always held to the historic belief that homosexual relations are sinful. Sometimes I raise various points in online blogs, and the responses vary widely. Some agree, while others argue the point of denial. In the past, various people have responded to the blog by referring to it as meanspirited and as using religion as an excuse to be anti-gay. But these days there are less of such accusations, and I suspect that readers tend to see that it is a reflection of an honest attempt to be true to Scripture.

  3. bnelson79 says:

    I saw the site name, Christians Tired Of Being Misrepresented and assumed it was traditional, Bible based site where Bible believing Christians who feel they are under attack by our current world views which they CLAIM represent the majority. But after digging into their site it didn’t take long to discover that this is just the religious wing of hate sites like The Huffington Post. Your initial description of them was right on and your quotes of their basic beliefs describe clearly where they’re coming from. Hopefully this site is still active because someone needs to speak up for Christians who think they’re being misrepresented by “Christians Who Think They’re Being Misrepresented”.

  4. Jim Sarco (trump+jmac=Evangelical greatness) says:

    Thanks for the shart themed site. Sounds a lot like mennoknight! I’ll keep on coming back to this barf-laced farter of a weblog! Bye bye

    • stasisonline says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Jim.

      • Jim sarco says:

        No problem. Tell slimjim and mennoknight their sites are trash and pure fart.

      • Jim sarci says:

        Also, these are the worst:
        Jd hall
        Slim Jim veritas domain
        Al Mohler
        Stasis online
        Merciful mouse Dustin Germain
        Pyromaniacs p Johnson
        *dont visit these sites as your brain matter will disintegrate is seconds and become pure lardomatic

        These are the best:
        Gd fee
        J Stackhouse
        H boersma
        J Dunn
        William Webb
        S hauerwas
        B witheringtin
        S McKnight
        K Barth
        E Brunner
        *ok, read these and your brain will become ingenuity and you will influence even the communists!

  5. JE says:

    There are rumors that Michael Glatze might have had sexual relationships with underage boys:

    I’ve shared this info with both pro and anti LGBTs, but the reaction I got was mostly silence. What do you think?

    • stasisonline says:

      Why does that interest you?

      • JE says:

        Because if those allegations are true then he and his partners should be arrested. I read he abruptly quit his job as a pastor in Wyoming, changed his last name, and moved to San Francisco. He also seemingly took an interest in Catholicism. Make of that what you will.

  6. Jeff Parker says:

    This site is an awesome resource! You’re “putting on a clinic”, not only on the subject of Alphabetism (:-)) but on techniques of Christian apologetics in general. Thank you! I really hope you realize your dream of having this site to be about more than just Alphabetism. LORD knows there is so much more to His Kingdom!

    ~Blessings and GOD’s Favor on you! In Jesus’ Name~

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