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Censorship from Grace Billings UMC

Grace Billings United Methodist Church of Montana, hit the news in February after fliers were found there that portrayed LGBT people in an unfavorable light, and when the church was defaced with graffitti.

Spraying graffitti on a church is clearly an unchristian thing to do, and the wording on the fliers was also unchristian. But the reponse of this church to me, has been unchristian too.

They posted a photo of the fliers, on their facebook page –


As you can see, the fliers offered some statistics about the sexually tansmitted diseases etc that are experienced by homosexuals. Many people replied with commented on the page, in response, and a few of those comments suggested that the statistics were wildly false. EG





So I googled some of the statistics and replied citing authorities that agreed with some of the numbers on the fliers.

I posted a link to this CDC page, about Syphilis;

You might notice that the CDC page states that –


And a link to this page about anal cancer;

That link shows the following graph-


But all but one of my comments with links were removed. I discovered this when I recieved the following notifications.


The comments that suggest the stats are lies, and that anal cancer is a myth, are still there though. Isnt the church supposed to support truth?


The Bias of Promiment Christian Gay ‘Allies’

Certain key people repeatedly pop up in the news in relation to gay issues, and they are often presented as largely unbiased. Im thinking of people such as…

  1. Stan Mitchell, as per here: (contrasted with the image below from approx new year, 2018) – 20180104_001228
  2. David Gushee, who has a lesbian sister, though journalists and David dont often mention that.
  3. James Brownson, who has a gay son

BBC Still Censoring Articles About Homosexuality

Recently the Australian government ran a national survey, asking citizens whether they wanted the law changed to recognize same-sex marriage. Britain’s BBC used the occasion to publish an article commemorating an earlier change of Australian law, when homosexual practise was decriminalized in the 1970s and 80s. This is the article, here.

Something that caught my attention in this article, was how it refers to an Australian riverside area which in the 1970s, was “a well-known meeting spot for gay people.” It was a spot where 2 men, reputed to be gay, were beaten up around 11pm one night, resulting in the death of one of them. The article further describes the spot as “out of sight from homes north of the river and riverside paths were deserted at night.”

“a well-known meeting spot for gay people”, it says. “out of sight” it says. Where you would even find men hanging around at 11pm at night? Anyone who knows gay culture, knows that such a spot would be a place where gay men would have sex. After dark, sex would be a primary activity. We know this in part, from the reports of others in Australia, eg here and here and here and in particular, here. But the BBC, that world-recognized leading light of journalism, wanted to sanitize their report by not raising this. I wonder why.

Pastor Regrets Killing His Church

A video continues to circulate, featuring Pastor Stan Mitchell, of the Nashville’s GracePointe Church, where talks of deciding that engaging in homosexual relations is not inherently sinful.

What the video does not reveal, is that after his change of heart from an orthodox understanding of sexual sin, and the publicity at the time, his church crumbled dramatically. Details can be found here –

But Life is Unbearable If Im Not True to Myself!

In recent times several high-profile Christian women in the UK have announced that they were simply unable to continue denying their lesbian temptations. They have said that resisting the temptations, was leading to their own destruction, via poor mental health. And they have claimed that their eventual decision to surrender to lesbian temptation, was essentially a choice to live, rather than follow a path to death.

Im thinking of Jayne Ozanne, former member of the Archbishops’ Council of the Church of England, and of popular Christian musician Vicky Beeching. Details of their stories are in the links here.

So I found it interesting when I found the case of a man who basically said he felt the same way, when trying to be monogamous. His name is Andrew Mashiko and his story is detailed here:

How many others claim that that they cant cope with living a sexual lifestyle that’s compatible with New Testament scripture?

When Diversity is a Weakness

Over 17,000 sign the Nashville Statement on sexuality

That’s a lot of people, so I guess it means the sentiments expressed in the statement are fairly popular.