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Is Homosexuality More Sexually Focused Than Heterosexuality?

Australia’s largest circulated LGBT publication, is/was a newspaper/magazine, depending on what timeframe you consider, named the Star Observer. An opinion piece in the July 2019 issue, by a former editor, stated –

SEX, religion and politics … have been stock-in-trade for the Star Observer from day one. Sex makes sense. Afer all, the newspaper was founded by a sex-mad leatherman, Michael Glynn, who wanted his Star Observer to celebrate our sexual identities at a time when mainstream media did the opposite. Sex also makes sense when you consider the Star Observer‘s business model. Advertising dollars from businesses that sold sex, and from community organisations that talked about safe sex, helped keep the paper afloat for almost 40 years.

Romans chapter 1 talks of men consumed with lust for other men. Plato referred to homosexual “slavery to pleasure” (Laws, 1.636c). Later in the 5th century there was talk of being “consumed” by the practise of same-sex sex (Justinian I, Novel 141).

And there are people today who still (ref. 2) believe homosexuals experience excessive lust, based on the sexual focus (ref. 2, ref. 3, ref 4.) and higher rates of sexual addiction (ref. 2) of many homosexuals. Gay people have noted this too. Gagnon has said the same (TBAHP chapter 2). Has there ever been a more sexualised drama on TV than Logo’s homocentric Hunting Season?

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