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Censorship from Grace Billings UMC

Grace Billings United Methodist Church of Montana, hit the news in February after fliers were found there that portrayed LGBT people in an unfavorable light, and when the church was defaced with graffitti.

Spraying graffitti on a church is clearly an unchristian thing to do, and the wording on the fliers was also unchristian. But the reponse of this church to me, has been unchristian too.

They posted a photo of the fliers, on their facebook page –


As you can see, the fliers offered some statistics about the sexually tansmitted diseases etc that are experienced by homosexuals. Many people replied with commented on the page, in response, and a few of those comments suggested that the statistics were wildly false. EG





So I googled some of the statistics and replied citing authorities that agreed with some of the numbers on the fliers.

I posted a link to this CDC page, about Syphilis;

You might notice that the CDC page states that –


And a link to this page about anal cancer;

That link shows the following graph-


But all but one of my comments with links were removed. I discovered this when I recieved the following notifications.


The comments that suggest the stats are lies, and that anal cancer is a myth, are still there though. Isnt the church supposed to support truth?


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