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But Life is Unbearable If Im Not True to Myself!

In recent times several high-profile Christian women in the UK have announced that they were simply unable to continue denying their lesbian temptations. They have said that resisting the temptations, was leading to their own destruction, via poor mental health. And they have claimed that their eventual decision to surrender to lesbian temptation, was essentially a choice to live, rather than follow a path to death.

Im thinking of Jayne Ozanne, former member of the Archbishops’ Council of the Church of England, and of popular Christian musician Vicky Beeching. Details of their stories are in the links here.

So I found it interesting when I found the case of a man who basically said he felt the same way, when trying to be monogamous. His name is Andrew Mashiko and his story is detailed here:

How many others claim that that they cant cope with living a sexual lifestyle that’s compatible with New Testament scripture?


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