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Does Liberal Christianity Contribute to Islamic Violence?

It’s not a link that many have made. But interestingly, the following article claims that when Christians affirm things like same-sex marriage, this adds to Islamic distaste towards Christians in general, and adds to Islamic animosity and violence towards Christians. This point is made towards the end of the article, where in the context of Islamic terrorists and violent jihadists, it states –

… what these [Islamic] converts have often reacted against is the moral corruption of the West … What doesn’t help here is the repeated pronouncements of some church leaders appeasing a secular moral theology and saying for example, that the teaching of the Bible on issues such as marriage doesn’t matter anymore. Such public statements simply convince potential converts that the church is part of the moral corruption of the West and again Islamists exploit this. The Islamist critique of the West in fact very much focuses on its moral corruption.

The full article can be found here –


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