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Exposing the Claim of Christian ‘Homophobic Prejudice’

Some gay apologists like to claim that Christians who believe that homosexual relations are sinful, are simply prejudiced people who read anti-gay sentiments into the Bible rather than letting the Bible speak for itself. Those who know the Bible well, know that such a claim is ridiculous. Those who know the Bible well, know that the Bible presents heterosexual relations as the only affirmed model of romantic relationship, and that it rejects other models as being highly sinful.

But it’s not easy to convince those who promote the “homophobic prejudice” accusation. It would be nice if they just read the Bible from cover to cover. But many are unwilling to do that. And if you quote to them the sections of the Bible that refer to homosexual relations as sinful, they will often tell you that you are using a mistranslation, even if you are using one of the most popular translations.

But there are ways of fairly quickly showing those who promote the “homophobic prejudice” accusation, the error of their ways. A key to doing so, I suggest, is to provide examples of those who do not oppose gay relations, but whom still acknowledge that the Bible does. People like former professor at Fuller Theological Seminary, Dr. Daniel Kirk as illustrated here –

7 minutes into the above video, of 2015, Kirk says;

… in fact in the large contours of that discussion, Professor Gagnon and I essentially agree. We agree that the Bible speaks with one voice in the Old Testament and NewTestament in the places where it speaks about same-sex relations, it condemns those relations as inappropriate for the people of God.

Yet 25 minutes into the video, he refers to himself as having become “affirming”, if you know what I mean, clarifying further at 35 minutes. Kirk has shown that he is aware of contemporary debate on the issue.


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