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When ‘Christians’ Malign Christianity in the Secular Media

The secular media shy away from religion. Or Christianity at least. Turn on your TV and watch a sitcom. Are any of the characters distinctly Christian? Probably none. Read your city newspaper. Are the issues framed in terms of religious outlook? Is religion even mentioned or referenced? Rarely. Millions of people are involved in religious activity and dialogue each week, but from what you see in the media, you would think religion is exceedingly rare.

But guess what! The media will report on religious issues sometimes. If it’s politically correct, of course. They are happy to report (as they should) on cases of priests molesting children. They love to report on Christian scandals, such as large-scale misappropriation of funds. Yep, the secular media are most likely to report on Christianity, when there is something negative to focus on.

And it seems to me that increasingly, Christians with a chip on their shoulder, are playing right into this situation. Yep, unhappy Christians now seem to approach the news media with sob stories, seeking a way to broadcast their maligning of their religion. I dont know if my perception is blinkered by the times in which we live, but it seems to me that the trend began with the PR machine commonly known as The Reformation Project. In the last few years, the organisation of gay apologists has brokered interviews and reports with numerous media outlets across the USA, in which they seek to advance the argument that the Christian church has historically been wrong to regard homosexual relations as inherently sinful, and that this has been “damaging” to gay people.

And are others now jumping on this bandwagon? Recently, Tim Rymel, who has social connections to The Reformation Project, likewise maligned his religion in the secular media. In an online article titled An Open Letter To My Evangelical Friends (a title eerily similar to the infamous Letter to My Congregation), this gay man and former “Christian minister”, shared with a secular audience –

I believed the Bible was the inerrant Word of God and that all anyone needed was to repent, ask Jesus into their hearts and surrender to God. Like so many others, though, that theology became a prison for me. It eventually decimated my family, not because we weren’t “doing it right,” but because we weren’t living authentically and being who we were meant to be.

I believe we’re all called to be exactly who we are meant to be. That’s when we love the best.

So, with all due respect, please stop telling me who I should be, what I should be and how I should be doing it.

Sounds a bit like revenge of the unchristians, to me.


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