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Whats Probably Wrong With So Many Gay Christians Today

The following is a classic screenshot from facebook, that I found there today. In his first (ie lower) post, this ‘pastor’ writes of how he “intensely” studied gay theology in an effort to accept his own gay inclinations. No mention of him seeking a balanced perspective by reading those who critique gay theology though. The implication is, that he absorbed one side of an argument, and stuck with that. Later in the day, he writes another post, about the need to receive complete knowledge of God’s will! But how are you supposed to obtain complete knowledge of God’s will, if you only absorb the arguments of those who disagree with God’s will? He should have studied both sides of the debate. Honestly, it’s enough to render you speechless.


I notice also, that hundreds of people ‘liked’ his post about adhering to his sexual orientation. But only a comparative handful ‘liked’ his comments about finding God’s will.

The irony in this is that many gay Christians claim that it’s the conservative Christians who only believe what they want to believe!


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