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Trans Man Sexually Violates Innocent Women

Trans people deserve sympathy. It would be a tough life to not feel at home in the gender of your body – especially since mental health professionals dont seem to be able to solve the problem. Ive known a few people who have gone trans. One dressed as a woman for some years, before eventually re-aligning his presentation with his male body, though as a gay man.

Trans people seem to feature in the news when conflict arises about whether they should be entitled to use facilities intended for the gender that doesnt match their body. EG bathrooms. In the news at present is a school student who has a male body, but regards himself as a girl, and who wants to use female bathrooms at the school. In this case, the student hasnt had any sex change operations but isnt satisfied with unisex bathrooms. Many female students have protested in response. You would think that providing a unisex bathroom would have solved the problem.

In cases like this, some point out that if society is relaxed about trans bathroom use, any man could put on a dress, go into women’s bathrooms and force himself on innocent victims. Others dismiss this as fear mongering. But guess what – there has been at least one case of a man in a dress who sexually violated women. The one Im thinking of, is Christopher Hambrook –


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