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Please Stop Affecting Me With Gay Marriage

One of the most annoying pieces of rhetoric about gay marriage, is the claim that it doesn’t affect straight people. It’s annoying because it’s said so frequently, and because it’s so incorrect. Even gay people have admitted this. Wouldn’t it be nice if gay people could have gay marriages without negatively impacting others, and Christians could practise their faith without negatively impacting others. But this the real world, and unfortunately, each of us tends to affect others.

After the US Supreme Court decision on gay marriage, millions of Facebook users around the world, changed their primary Facebook photo to display rainbow colours. A gay friend of mine badgered me to do likewise. You have heard the rhetoric. He said it was part of supporting equality. He said I should support civil rights. He just couldn’t accept that I didn’t want a rainbow profile photo. To him, not having one, was wrong. It was like peer pressure back in high school, and I felt the friendship strain! So yes, in a somewhat minor way, gay marriage is affecting me already, and Im not liking it.

2 Comments on “Please Stop Affecting Me With Gay Marriage”

  1. violetwisp says:

    You have a gay friend? I can’t imagine.

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