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Christianity is Going Gay

Yes, apparently the Pew Report concludes that while Christianity is slightly less popular overall in USA these days, the number of lesbians, bisexuals and gays who regard themselves as Christians, is rocketing!

According to a Pew research study, 48% of religious congregations now allow practicing homosexuals to be full-fledged members. More here.

I dont know much about the United Church of Canada, but I found it interesting that in mid 2015, of 12 candidates running for the position of moderator, four were reportedly “openly gay or lesbian”.

Meanwhile, denominations which are gay-focused, are in decline. It’s been suggested that this is because gay people are now more able to join mainline denominations.

This news arose around the same time as other reports which suggested that the number of people these days who regard themselves as gay, or bisexual is also increasing far beyond past statistics, as is the number of people practising gay sex. Another article points out that based on current trends, eventually the number of GLBT Americans will exceed the number of evangelical Americans. And in fact by 2018 this was reportedly the case for some age-based demographics.


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