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Problems with ‘At The End Of The Day’ – the Movie

There is a new movie being made, called At The End Of The Day. It’s a comedy about church tensions regarding the LGBT issue, and it’s made by people who don’t regard gay sex to be sinful. There is a blog and Facebook page that promote it, and it seems that the producers have engaged Facebook to advertise for donors to fund the production.

The producers unashamedly state that the movie is part of their mission of seeking increased acceptance of homosexuality in the church. If you review some of the marketing materials they have prepared, you find there are various messages they are putting out that might be called “gay apologetics”. They call for love, and compassion. They even get technical and refer to the meaning of original Greek words used in the Bible, and to fancy theological frameworks such as the Wesleyan Quadrilateral. A casual observer can easily gain the impression that these people are sincere Christians who know what they are talking about!

But do they agree with the Bible? No. For some evidence, or read their notes here, or go to 40-43 minutes into the corresponding podcast found here: and listen to them explain how contrary to the standard Christian approach, they say they don’t regard some of the relevant Scriptures, to be reflective of what God stands for! Gosh people, if you don’t regard the Bible as authoritative, then Christianity can be whatever you define it to be. You could start worshipping the flying spaghetti monster and still call it your form of Christianity!


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