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Is the APA an Activist Organisation?

In debates about whether homosexuality is healthy, people will often cite the American Psychological Association, commonly referred to as the APA. They are a body that is widely respected, and carry a fair amount of influence in terms of standards used by psychologists today. Various pronouncements and decisions they have made in recent decades in regards to whether homosexuality is a disorder, have acted as historical marker posts as society has changed it’s position on sexuality. Some have claimed that the APA are in part a bunch of gay activists hiding behind white medical coats. Others have countered that such claims are largely vacuous conspiracy theories.

The following video clip adds interesting commentary to this controversy –

Do you have any further insight on what is raised in this clip? If you do, please comment away!

Insider side note: yes that’s Katy at the table too, looking pretty!


2 Comments on “Is the APA an Activist Organisation?”

  1. Katy says:

    Stasis, glad you found this clip and are getting it out there. Paul Sullins is a giant, in my book, and I’m so grateful to have his expertise on this subject. I got to hang out with him and his lovely wife after the panel discussion. Good good people.

    PS- are you on Twitter? If so, I’d like to follow. @askthebigot

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