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Guys Whose Sexual Attraction Varies

Some, such as one Matthew Vines, have portrayed the human race as being comprised of people are either gay or straight. Those who know more about the topic might point out that there are others who are in-between. IE who are attracted to both genders, and who tend to be called “bisexual”.

And others who know even more about the topic, might point out that there are some who at one point in their life, regard themselves as straight, but at another point regard themselves as gay. This change in orientation tends to happen more during the teen years. Beyond that, it happens to women rather than men. After the teen years, a man’s sexual orientation tends not to change.

But even less commonly known, is the phenomenon where orientation is affected by drug use. Yes, there are claims that some people – including males – become more bisexual when they are high, as reported here – 

Some will have you believe that homosexual sex has nothing to do with debauchery. And when applied some homosexuals, that argument can sound reasonable, because there are a minority who mate for life in monogamy. But then there are the other cases…

Update: now this:


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