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Gay Activist Admits The Christian Position is Not About Fundraising

Every now and again you will hear a gay activist claim that the motivation of a given leader (EG religious or political) in portraying homosexual relations as sinful or just not optimal, is financial. Typically the gay activist will say something like “he’s just being homophobic for fundraising purposes.” These accusations parallel the same accusations liberals make against conservative leaders like Sarah Palin, where they claim that educated conservative leaders dont actually believe their own statements. Conservatives roll their eyes at these claims, recognising them as the false conspiracy theories that they are.

So it is interesting to find a gay activist concede that the Christian position on homosexual relations isnt a great financial “(or profit-making) strategy.” You can read his post here.


One Comment on “Gay Activist Admits The Christian Position is Not About Fundraising”

  1. Thorough and down to earth writing on a tough subject.
    God bless

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