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What Sort of Christianity is America Exporting?

Every now and again in liberal leaning popular culture, you find critical references to USA sending conservative Christian missionaries to poorer countries, spreading the Gospel, with commentary by liberals lamenting the spread of conservative values. But I didnt realise that liberal Christians send our missionaries too. I guess I assumed that liberal Christians would be too apathetic to send out missionaries. But apparently I was wrong. In his book, Christianity and Homosexuality Reconciled – New Thinking for a New Millennium!, which teaches that homosexual relations are compliant with Biblical teaching, Rev. Joseph Adam Pearson writes (p. 38) –

When I was in Uganda in 2003 to do my “Christianity and Homosexuality Reconciled” seminar and workshop, I had to conduct it within a fenced compound into which attendees were admitted only if someone on the premises knew them personally.

Oh. In Uganda? Yep. Inside the book, Dr Pearson informs the reader that he himself is homosexual (p. 56) and expresses his very closed minded view (eg p. 106) that the Bible does not prohibit same-sex relationships for Christians. Curiously, the author repeats one particular doubtful claim numerous times within the book, as though repeating himself might make the claim more believable. The foreword claims that the book has been downloaded over 200,000 times. And the back of his book details more of his international work –

Dr. Pearson has been the International President and Chief Executive Officer of Christ Evangelical Bible Institute (CEBI) for over twenty years. At the time of the latest publication of this book (2014), he still oversees thriving branch campuses of CEBI in India, the Philippines, and Tanzania. Currently, Dr. Pearson spends the majority of his time developing, designing, and deploying curriculum for Christian education nationally and internationally. And he preaches, teaches, and leads international crusades as well as provides group pastoral training in global mission settings.

Evangelical Bible Institute? Apparently. So the Bible says one thing and the ‘evangelical’ Dr Pearson tells them it means something else. Those poor people must feel so confused.


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