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What Does “Loving thy [gay] Neighbor” Actually Mean?

Some (not all) conservative Christians have a remarkable ability to see past the command to “love thy neighbor”, as though it’s some meaningless nicety that’s not particularly important. Ask these Christians whether they love their neighbor, and they will respond in the affirmative. But if they walk past a homeless person in the middle of winter, there’s a good chance they wont lift a finger to love that person in any physical way.

The problem is likewise apparent when it comes to loving a gay neighbor. Many gay people feel unloved by Christians – simply at a friendship level. I came across a website recently where in the feedback section, a conservative Christian man said that Christians have nothing in common with homosexuals. That’s an extreme thing for him to say. Everyone has something in common. But they will cite 2 Corinthians 6:14, and say that to be too nice to homosexuals is to compromise the message that homosexual lifestyle is sinful. If you ask them what it means to love their heathen neighbor, they may even tell you that to love them is to preach to them, and to discourage them from sin. And yes, loving your neighbor might include some form of preaching, but is that all that “love your neighbor” means? Obviously Jesus didnt see it that way. In addition to preaching, Jesus also feed the hungry, healed the sick, and helped people – all without compromising His message. But there are some conservative Christians who get it. Like Katy Faust, and Glen Stanton. And this guy. I see love in his tears –


One Comment on “What Does “Loving thy [gay] Neighbor” Actually Mean?”

  1. Askme says:

    Wow. I love this video. I have passed it on to a group of my friends who have been reading about loving those with same-sex attraction. Thanks for the post and for this blog. I’m a fan. 😉

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