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Homosexual Rape

I have five male acquaintances who have spoken of being sexually assaulted. I have zero female acquaintances of whom Ive heard they have been sexually assaulted. I never expected this gender-based disparity to be the case, and it still surprises me. The first time a male friend of mine spoke of being raped, it all sounded kinda unlikely. But it happens (EG 2, EG 3, EG 4 , In fact if you do the sums based on statistics in this article, which claims that around 40% of sexual assaults are against males, and that around half of those are perpetrated by males, then male on male sexual assault would constitute around 20% of all sexual assaults.

In most of the cases where one of my friends has been sexually assaulted, both the victim and perpetrator would be classified as MSM and were either in a relationship with each other, on a date with each other, or were “hooking up” with each other. In all cases the victims were traumatised. In at least one case it finished with a hospital visit for bodily damage – and I dont mean from infection. Sometimes male sexual assault sounds a bit “Sodom & Gomorrah”. Like this recent example – Some news outlets referred to the above case as a “group rape”, which of course sounds more stark than “assault”, and may be a very valid reference for it.

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