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Does the Church Cause Depression in Gays?

The “Reverend” Frank Schaefer has been in the religious news a lot over recent years, primarily after he was defrocked,  following him breaking denominational policy by officiating at the gay wedding of one of his sons. A recent news report states “he has no regrets” over the wedding. The article cites him –

“I did what I did based on my heart and my conscience,” Schaefer said, adding that he thought the church’s stand against gay marriage thrust his son into depression.

And the son was quite likely rather happy about getting married, although he reportedly later divorced. But was the church responsible for his son’s depression? I dont know for sure. But I do know that on the day I read this article, I read another (here), written by a gay activist journalist, that was remarkably frank in portraying some gay lives as depressing irrespective of church influence. And I know that there are many other reasons for depression in gay people. Michael Brown addresses this topic in chapter 2 his book, Can You Be Gay And Christian, pointing to other groups who have struggled with acceptance, who dont tend to commit suicide as a way out.

Also, see this article and this one and this study for a fairly in-depth look into this topic. Also notable is this

Lets not make the chuyrch a scapegoat.


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