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A Position of Convenience?

The leaders of the gay marriage movement within broad Christendom are big on getting their message out. They write books, they write articles, they give presentations. But they dont debate much. One of the bigger names in this area, is Justin Lee, author of the book Torn. Lee has been invited to debate those who disagree with him, but he has been known to turn the invitation down. He has claimed that he cant debate the topic, because his organisation, GCN, is home to some gays who believe that homosexual sex is sinful, AND is home to other gays who believe it’s not. So Lee says he cant take sides.

But what seems inconsistent to me, is that he does take sides. In the book Torn, he depicts gay marriage as not necessarily being sinful. He’s declared that he supports gay marriage. And on Facebook, he’s inferred that he’s proud to be part of the drive towards gay marriage.


So when he claims he cant debate, is that just an excuse to cover fear that his ideology will be exposed as full of holes?


2 Comments on “A Position of Convenience?”

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