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Popular UK Gay News Website Caught Misleading Readers

PinkNewsMisleadsPopular UK gay news website PinkNews, which bills itself as “Europe’s largest gay news service” has provided another blatant case of gay news media misleading their audience.

In September they published an article entitled “US radio hosts: Same-sex marriage will cause straight men to cheat on their wives with gays” (partially illustrated here). The website repeated the claim in a photo caption, writing “Mat Staver is worried men will cheat on their wives with other men”. The problem though, is that the website was unable to substantiate the claim.

The website accurately quoted their sources stating that gay male couples on average are less committed to monogamy than straight couples, and that this could lead to a spillover effect of a reduction in monogamy amongst straight couples. However, the idea of straight husbands cheating on their wives by having sex with gay men, was presented without substantiation, suggesting that the website possibly just manufactured the claim out of thin air, and then presented it as being factual.

The website even provided an audio clip that illustrated the doubtful claim of the headline. Feedback to the article suggests that few readers noticed that they were being misled.


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