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Hypocrisy Exposed as Gays Admit That One Marriage Affects Others

Those familiar with the debate over same-sex marriage, know that a common cry from gay advocates is that gay marriage should be allowed because it has no impact on anyone else.

This lie was exposed for what it is in September when homosexuals expressed outrage, “horrified” at two straight men marrying each other in New Zealand. The wedding was before family and friends of the spouses; two best mates, who married as part of a competition on radio.

So much for that old line that a gay marriage is nobody else’s business.

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2 Comments on “Hypocrisy Exposed as Gays Admit That One Marriage Affects Others”

  1. […] There is evidence, EG from Canada, that it impacts others. And some gay people have indicated that they know that one marriage impacts […]

  2. […] because it’s said so frequently, and because it’s so incorrect. Even gay people have admitted this. Wouldn’t it be nice if gay people could have gay marriages without negatively impacting […]

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