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Media Misleads Again as Video of Eviction of Gay Son Goes Viral

A video depicting the ugly eviction of a gay son from the home of his Christian parents, went viral on the internet in August. Gay news sites were quick to report on it, as were many on social media. The angle taken by “gay Christian” activist Justin Lee was not uncommon. Lee wrote on Tumblr “This video of a 19-year-old being kicked out of the house (and physically assaulted) for being gay is extremely disturbing to watch/listen to, …” Blog site TheGailyGrind took a similar angle, titling their article “Christian Parents Caught Tape Beating Gay Son Moments Disowning Him”, and opening the article with the line

“A shocking video captured the moment a God-fearing Georgia family confronted their gay son and verbally and physically attacked him for being a “disgrace” and a “queer.”

And the video does confirm that Daniel Pierce is evicted from the Christian family home on the grounds that he is perusing a homosexual life.

biasedThe problem though, is that it’s unclear – and perhaps doubtful – that the son was assaulted for being gay. The video shows that his homosexuality was known of for some time – apparently many years. And it shows that there was animosity over accusations that the son posted negative things about his father on facebook, and had claimed this his parents had not raised him. Also relevant is the fact that the video illustrates the violence arising during arguments in regards to claims of him lying about his step mother during the commotion. The friction was not simply over homosexuality, and homosexuality might not have even been a primary factor in the violence.

Sadly, even the BBC – who have a reputation for being unbiased – gave their website readers the impression that the fracas was simply in regards to his homosexuality. Who can you trust when you cant trust the BBC?

The video is available here.

After writing this post, I became aware the others had noted much the same points elsewhere.

One Comment on “Media Misleads Again as Video of Eviction of Gay Son Goes Viral”

  1. paul says:

    you are in serious denial if you think for a second that the primary cause of this violence was not the son’s homosexuality. you can hear the controlled anger in the first woman’s voice as she talks about his homosexuality. the fact is, he has come of age and is living iut his gay life…*that* is the real issue. his so-called parents are more concerned about what thrir neighbors will think. she says so just as she tells him to leave.

    i hope Daniel has distanced hkmself from those awful, ugly antichristians and has found peace and love in his life.

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