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Christians Who Advocate Same-sex Marriage: What Do They Believe?

Gay activists sometimes say that Christians support same-sex marriage. A few do. But what sort of Christians are they? There are some answers here –

Gay activist/ethicist David Gushee tells us that churches that foster such views tend to be “youthful nondenominational and/or founder-led congregations”.

We can find the beliefs of these people on their websites. According to Wikipedia

the world’s largest inclusive liberal Christian church with a primary outreach to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons

is the Cathedral of Hope, in Dallas, Texas. If you visit their website, and select the page for ‘What We Believe‘, you wont find the traditional references, eg to the bodily resurrection of Christ, or to the Apostles Creed etc etc. Rather you find other priorities, such as “We are a people of Inclusion” or “valuing the environment“. Their goals tend to be admirable, but I dont remember Jesus mentioning many of them as priorities.

Someone recently told me that gay Christians who believe in same-sex marriage, inherently believe in monogamy. And Im sure some do. It’s the impression you get from gay activists such as Matthew Vines. But it’s proven to be wrong in at least half the cases, according to the link at the top of this post.


And what about LGBT people themselves? What do they believe? Well the following link is interesting –

7 Reasons Why LGBTQ+ People Don’t Want to Go to Your LGBTQ+ Inclusive Church

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