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Lack of Bible-Knowledge Led to Homosexual Cult

News has emerged of a religious guru who was “using his warped brand of evangelical Pentecostalism to run a clandestine homosexual sex ring”. According to the ABC, members of the cult have reportedly said that –

bizarre sexual rituals were carried out in secret by the cult leader, who described himself as “The Anointed One” with the Lord’s authorisation to sidestep biblical commands against homosexuality and sexually train his male members into submission and obedience.

The cult began in the Bavarian region of Germany. A former member of the cult has lamented that

in Bavaria kids have no concept of the Bible and very little concept of religion per se, so really he could have told us anything and we would have believed it.

 Sadly, lack of knowledge about what the Bible teaches, has led to similar misunderstandings in churches around the world, not just about sexuality, but about an endless array of topics.

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