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Canada, Land of Love


Source: Calgary Sun

Canada has taken some significantly leftist turns in the past say, decade. At times they have had some of the most restrictive laws concerning speech that offends others, arguably travelling down the dangerous road away from freedom of speech. Oh gosh, listen to me “fear mongering”. At least people wernt getting offended, right! Phew.

Canada was also one of the first countries to convert marriage into an institution that is no longer directly aligned with the biological process of raising families. In Canada marriage was redefined so that gay couples dont feel left out – a change that has continued to spread to other countries. The worry of people feeling left out, is presumably also the reason why Quebec decided to publicly fund IVF treatment for lesbian or gay couples. Increasingly, it seems that in Canada, ensuring that everyone is at peace and everyone is equal, is more important than functional logic. If the West begins to ease legal ‘discrimination’ against polygamy by redefining marriage so that it is no longer limited to two people, I have a hunch that Canada would be at the forefront once again.

So with Canada having the reputation of being a country that is largely a national group hug, images of an adult group punch-up came as a surprise recently. The violence resulted in a case of concussion and hospitalisation in July when “tempers flared between pro Palestinian and pro Israeli protesters …” according to the Calgary Sun (for details, select the image). The violence in Calgary was infinitely small compared with conflict in countries in the Middle East, but I saw it as a reminder that radical attempts to legislate equality, are not a panacea.

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