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Are US Progressives Actually Making Progress on HIV/AIDS?

In recent years, President Obama has put a lot of effort into advancing the status of GLBT people; EG making affirming statements, changing laws in areas relevant to marriage, and promoting GLBT’s to positions of authority in law and international relations.

And he’s rather pleased about what’s been done in this area. As part of remarks made during celebrations of LGBT Pride Month 2014, Obama enthused: “We’ve got a lot to be proud of”.

Or have we? I suppose it depends how you measure progress. GLBTs probably face a more compassionate US than the less-than-Christian violence and persecution that has featured at times in the past. And those who see nothing wrong with homosexuality ought to be jubilant at the changes under Obama. But certainly there are elements of the Gay US that serve as a reality check, even for the gay activists. Joseph Sciambra, for example, writes that in the realm of HIV/AIDs, some regions of the US are doing worse than countries in Africa. He’s posted a damning article here, that raises the question of whether the progressives are ultimately making gay progress at all:

Each year the US apparently spends around $30 billion on HIV/AIDS, and the amount spent each year apparently keeps growing.


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