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The “Gay is Yuk” Factor, and Why it’s a Problem

DifferentSinsMany conservative Christians find themselves feeling repulsed by homosexuality. And research indicates that it’s a deep-seated emotional response. For Christians, there is a good side and a bad side to these feelings. Arguably, the feelings are a good thing, because they line up with the Bible’s classification of homosexual practice as being sinful. The feelings of repulsion are a useful reminder of the sinfulness, and they can be a motivating factor in avoiding the sin.

But there is also a downside. The feelings of repulsion make it harder to love the sinner. And that’s a problem. It’s a big problem. It often means that conservative Christians easily slip into paying mere lip service to the command to love our homosexual neighbours. It can result in “love thy neighbour” translating to a mere “tolerate thy neighbour”. Or worse. In some cases Christians have entered into sin, by actually been genuinely hateful towards homosexuals.

Are you a Christian who struggles to love your homosexual neighbour? You’re far from being the only one. You might appreciate the following video from Albert Mohler, where he brings great insight. The relevant part is towards the end.


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