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None Are So Blind As Those Who Will Not See


Sometimes I just dont get it. It’s primarily the second sentence that leaves me almost speechless. The above comment was made as part of a conversation that questioned what the Bible says about whether gay relationships are okay. During the conversation, the author of the comment made additional comments about how God was very specific about some things and not others, and that He should be clear about what is ok in terms of homosexual relationships. The author identifies as gay himself, and has spent many years, perhaps to the scale of half his life, regularly in conversation about elements of homosexuality and Christianity. For some of those years, he’s been in discussion about homosexuality and Christianity, approximately daily.

HAS HE NEVER READ LEVITICUS 18:22? For crying out loud! Could Leviticus 18 be any closer to the wording that he says he would like to see? In addition, it’s described as ‘shameful’ in Romans 1, classified as a sin resulting in no salvation in 1 Corinthians 6, and the normative type of marital style relationship is consistently portrayed exclusively as heterosexual throughout the Bible. There is nothing in the Bible that says that sex between members of the same sex is okay. Yet he describes the Bible as “damn UN-clear” on the matter? Incredible.



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