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A New Mythical Gay Hate Crime

You may be aware of the numerous cases where the news media has reported a “gay hate crime” only to later read that it was a hoax (this is not to dismiss that there are cases where gay people are treated unjustly). Well, Ive just come across another doubtful “gay hate crime” that exists on numerous blog sites. It’s basically a photo of a burning dead human body, with comments stating that the burnt person was a case of a gay hate crime in Uganda. Various websites such as this one, claim that the burning took place shortly after a new law was passed in Uganda that criminalised homosexual activities, implying that the burning took place in late 2013 when the vote passed, or early 2014 when it was signed into law. But the problem is that other webpages that include the photo, eg are date-stamped to May 2013 or as early as 2012 – supposedly a time before the photo was even taken! And the earlier postings of the photo say that the photo was taken in Kibera (Kenya) and that the motive was something other than homosexuality.

The date discrepancies, make it seem clear that the majority of postings of the photo, IE the ones that portray it as a “gay hate crime” are incorrect about the date. And if they are wrong about the date, it seems likely that they may likewise be incorrect about the location and motive of the burning. So maybe the location is more likely to be Kenya and to be due to something other that homosexuality.

Meanwhile, people continue to post the photo, along with comment furthering the myth they prefer to believe.


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