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Startling New Oppression of Religion in Canada

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A startling leap in the mounting loss of religious freedoms in the western world, has arisen in Canada.

Canada’s CBC website has reported that The Law Society of Upper Canada has voted against the accreditation of Trinity Western University’s proposed new law school. The website states that the vote means graduates from the British Columbia university would not be able to practise law in Ontario. CBC says “At issue was Trinity Western’s requirement that its 3,600 students sign a community covenant forbidding intimacy outside heterosexual marriage, which has been criticized as discriminatory against gays and lesbians.” But because traditional Christianity holds that homosexual practice is sinful, this ruling means that Christians who wish to attend a school that requires the following of their religious teachings, are then discriminated against to the point of being barred from practising law.

CBC quotes University president Bob Kuhn’s response “These decisions impact all Canadians and people of faith everywhere. They send the chilling message that you cannot hold religious values and also participate fully in public society.” The website reports Kuhn saying that the University is considering legal action.

Law now joins the growing list of professions where Christians find themselves restricted from practising their faith.

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