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Anal Cancer

You may have noticed that some people claim that gay sex is no more dangerous than heterosexual sex, so long as ‘safer sex’ is practised. And what is meant by ‘safer sex’? Well the finer details depend on who you ask and how much detail is included, but generally it means use of condoms, “being careful” and being tested semi-regularly so that non-symptomatic bugs are detected and can be treated. And there are many homosexuals who follow that strategy to some degree. But what isnt evident in that abbreviated definition of safer sex, is that gay males are at greater risk of contracting anal cancer, and prostate cancer, especially if they have a high number of sexual partners. Do most gay men know this? Probably not. Why are public health agencies not thoroughly propagating this information? Is it because these facts dont align with the politically correct view that gay is inherently no less healthy than straight?


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