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Gluttony Not as Sinful as Most Sins

Every now and again I come across someone who is offended about the idea that they are a sinner, and who points to fat Christians, suggesting hypocracy. My response has tended to be simply reflecting to myself that yes, Christians today do seem to give little regard to avoiding the sin of gluttony.

Well today, I came across an article that highlights that it’s primarily Catholic doctrine that portrays gluttony as sinful, and that the New Testament basically does not portray it as sinful at all. The article is by Dr Robert Gagnon, and can be found here.


One Comment on “Gluttony Not as Sinful as Most Sins”

  1. Askme says:

     “Christ’s universal coverage of sin through his death on the cross does not mean that all sins are equal in all respects but only that all sins are equal in one respect: They are all covered. By way of analogy, one may have health coverage for all injuries great and small and pay the same amount for the coverage regardless of the injury; but that doesn’t mean that no one injury is more severe than any other injury.”

    Excellent. Thanks for sharing.

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