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Cognitive Dissonance

Those on the left like using big fancy terms like “cognitive dissonance”, when criticising those on the right. And annoyingly, sometimes they are correct. Sometimes we do have a case of cognitive dissonance. But we all do. Even lefties.

The following article is a case in point. It’s from Australia, where there is ongoing national debate about how many refugees should be permitted to settle there. The Australian lefties tend to advocate allowing the refuges in, on grounds of compassion. While those on the right tend to prefer to deny entry due to suspicion that the refugees are trying to bypass immigration restrictions largely in order to take advantage of Australia’s better economic conditions. The article contrasts this debate with the one on abortion, which in some ways is the same in reverse. IE those on the right tend to advocate compassion towards the unborn, while those on the left tend to advocate that the interests of the more powerful being (the mother) trump those of the less powerful.

Cognitive dissonance. We all have it to some degree.


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