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If the Catholic Church Really Cared…

…they would sell the Vatican and give the money to the poor”, so say the critics.

So it’s interesting to read a former director of the World Bank noting in the New York Times that

“in the last 50 years the church has probably lifted more people out of poverty than any other civic institution in history.”


3 Comments on “If the Catholic Church Really Cared…”

  1. Cooper Wilcox says:

    I could care less if they have helped more people out of poverty . One thing that most people don’t see is that they teach the antithesis of what it means to be Christian . They’re Gospel is not the Gospel of Christ . So what if they give . Pagans give . It’s something even the most reprobate do if it benefits them . John MacArthur had written in depth about their apostasy . Check it out .

    • You are so right. The ‘salvation’ that the Catholic church talks about is different than the salvation taught in the Bible, (can be easily checked from their own interpretation)The repeated sacrificing of Jesus over and over via the ‘blessed’ sacrament is non Biblical. The teaching on the immaculate conception and assumption of Mary are non Biblical. The cult of Roman Catholicism is the antithesis of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His once only sacrifice for sin.

      • stasisonline says:

        Those who criticise the Catholic Church for their wealth, tend to be non-Christians, who perceive themselves to be criticising Christians in general – not just Catholics.

        I wouldn’t go so far as to describe Roman Catholicism as the antithesis of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but yes I agree that they have departed in varying degrees from the Gospel. Interestingly though, the Pope is one of the few religious leaders I see in the media who proclaim that homosexual behaviour is sinful. There are others who appear in the media from time to time, tending to defend believing this, but few that actually confidently proclaim it. And of all the Christian leaders who take a conservative stance on Scripture, the Pope seems to be one of the few that I read of who also seem to have an authentic heart for the poor, as Jesus encouraged. I admire his balance between being not being too left wing or too right wing.

        In the end, few or perhaps no denominations are perfect, and few us have removed the splinters from our own eyes to be able to see clearly enough to describe another denomination as worthless. EG many Evangelicals turn a blind eye to divorce or disrespect the Sabbath. Hopefully my post simply expresses that of the various faults of the Roman Catholic church, not helping the poor is basically not one of them.

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