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“People are Dying!”

In the cultural conflict over the gay issue, the alarming claim that “people are dying” seems to have become more prevalent in recent years. This refrain is used as a weapon by activists who point to high suicide rates amongst GLBT people and claim that the cause of these rates is people who discriminate against GLBT people. The activists imply that anyone who says anything negative about homosexuality, is contributing to people’s deaths.

Ive written elsewhere about how claims of discrimination being a cause of suicide, are overblown.

The narrative that straight people cause gay people to die, is a reversal of the narrative during the early days of the AIDS epidemic; that gay people were causing straight people to die.

But now a new study by one Seth Stephens-Davidowitz reveals information that suggests that gay men in the US show almost no inclination to take what could be a key step in avoiding the discrimination that the activists complain of. That key step being to move interstate to somewhere with less discrimination. It’s common knowledge that some states allow gay ‘marriage’ and some dont, and that certain areas like San Francisco and New York are gay meccas, right? And do GLBT people congregate in such locations? Yes. But this new study “suggests that there are just about as many gay men in less tolerant states as there are anywhere else.”

So if that’s the case, and if discrimination is so detrimental, why dont they move to a state that they like? Or maybe the suicide rate is not as connected with discrimination as the activists claim.

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