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Is it Progressive to Lie?

VERDICT: Methodist Pastor Has 30 Days To Renounce His Gay Children Or Be Defrocked

This was the headline on a popular “progressive” blog site in November, introducing an article that detailed the disciplining of a renegade UMC pastor who was conducting “gay marriage ceremonies”.

The key problem is though, that the article provided scant basis for the claim that he was asked to “Renounce His Gay Children”. Articles elsewhere likewise illustrated practically no basis for the claim, and in fact some more responsible publications pointed out that the denomination takes a historically Christian approach of accepting gay and lesbian members (but considers homosexual relations to be sinful).

The article is just another example of “progressive” publications that mislead.


One Comment on “Is it Progressive to Lie?”

  1. There are no reliable statistics for how many patients have received ex-gay treatment or how many therapists practice it, but in the late 1990s and early 2000s, ex-gay therapy enjoyed a legitimacy it hadn’t since the APA removed homosexuality from its diagnostic manual. Exodus had 83 chapters in 34 states. Its president, Alan Chambers, claimed in 2004 that he knew “tens of thousands of people who have successfully changed their sexual orientation.” Nicolosi appeared often on programs like Oprah, 20/20, and Larry King Live. Whether or not the Christian right’s alliance with the ex-gay movement had constituted a D-Day in the culture wars, it had successfully challenged the prevailing idea that the best choice for gay people was to accept themselves.

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