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The Pope’s Words Misconstrued Again

Media reporting on the Pope reached another low in October, as reporters/blog writers, misrepresented more of what the Pope has recently preached. This was amidst an apparent increase in biased misreporting about the Pope, in the preceding months, and afterwards.

In the new case, the Pope talked of how Christians need to be a praying people of faith who interact with their God, rather than being followers of mere unspiritual “ideology”.

The Pope did not seem to provide in-depth illustrations of Christians following rigid ideologies. But many people can likely easily recall churches like this which de-prioritise Scripture and Jesus, be they conservatives groups who largely just preach conservative morality reflective of the Tea Party, or liberals who largely just preach leftist values that are often reflective of the secular values seen on Hollywood’s silver screen.

The left-leaning news media has jumped on the new comments, seeking to exploit their political capital. Like others, the website Addicting Info took the Pope’s words, and used them to focus on dissing the right wing of Christendom. They captioned a photo of the Pope, using the words –

Clearly, Pope Francis isn’t fond of the extreme ideals of the Christian Right. Now, he’s calling right-wing, fundamentalist Christianity an “illness.”

A review of his actual words though, show no clear condemnation of the Christian Right. While Addicting Info used highly biased subtitles such as –

Pope Francis called right-wing Christian fundamentalism a sickness.

the text of the article was more accuratedly worded, IE –

During a daily Mass last week, Pope Francis called ideological Christianity “an illness” that doesn’t serve Jesus Christ.

and even –

While Pope Francis did not specifically mention Christian right-wing ideology during the Mass, his past remarks suggest he was talking about that ideology most of all.

Ironically, while the Pope seems to have called for a Christianity that is not driven by alignment with political movements, sections of the media seem intent on depicting him as a left winger who condemns the right wing. Further evidence that the Pope was not simply pushing a leftist preference, emerged in this article in November.


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