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Even the Gays are Annoyed with the Gay News Media’s Bias

This blog has long pointed out the bias and poor quality that is so often found in GLBT news outlets. The reporting of recent comments from the Pope have resulted in even more examples.  Interestingly though, there are signs that even the gays are tired of the spin.

BatmanThe most recent mass media coverage about the Pope’s position, covers his interview in Catholic publications where he detailed how he felt that the Catholic church needed to broaden its focus beyond the common themes such as opposition to abortion and gay marriage. The Pope explained how he believes the Church needs to be less judgemental towards homosexuals so that they dont feel unnecessarily demonised by the Church. The popular gay news blog Queerty posted an article in reference to this, titled “Pope Francis Is Okay With Gays And Says The Church Should Be Too“. The article included quite a number of recent quotes from the Pope on the topic, but none of which included any indication that he believes that homosexuality tends to involve sin. The article included various affirming lines of Queerty’s own commentary on this, such as “Hell may have officially frozen over” and “We never thought we’d say this, but… Amen!”

Various readers of Queerty objected to this one-sided report, and left damning comments below the article. A reader using the handle ‘Elloreigh’ wrote “And the award for most deceptive headline of the day goes to… …Queerty.” Another reader slammed the headline as being “sensationalistic” and yet another responded that the Pope “said no such thing, and I don’t see how even a novice speaker of English could think that for a second.”

Meanwhile, indicators on the page show that over 2000 people have recommended the article on facebook. Queerty subsequently posted another article that took a very negative tone overall on the same story.


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