Some websites only present one side of the story. That's where we help out...


The gay media is awash with stories about the anti-gay sentiment in Russia as they prepare to host the Winter Olympics. A lot of the concern revolves around Russia’s new law against “gay propaganda“. Anti-propaganda laws are often (rightly) seen as sly ways that governments silence views they dont like. It’s an approach that you wouldn’t expect to see in first world countries today.

Or would you? In California, Senate Bill 48, the “Fair, Accurate, Inclusive, and Respectful Education Act”, compels teachers not to teach about certain types of people in an adverse way. It states in part that;

The state board or any governing board shall not adopt any textbook or other instructional materials for use in the public schools that contains any matter reflecting adversely upon persons on the basis of race or ethnicity, gender, religion, disability, nationality, sexual orientation, or because of a characteristic listed in Section 220.

So you can only teach good things and not mention negative characteristics? How does a student receive a balanced education if they only receive one side of the story? Isnt that the definition of propaganda?


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