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Count the Flaws in this Article

It’s been a rough time for Exodus International recently. So tough, that the organisation doesnt exist any more. They have faced a lot of criticism. Some of it valid. But also some of it invalid.

Take the following example of invalid criticism; that torture, rape and sometimes murder are tacitly supported by ex-gay organisations. Yes someone actually claimed that, in writing, here! That particular someone,  is the international head of a denomination! Im not kidding! And she even apparently holds a doctorate! And it gets worse. A media organisation published her claims on their website, with no caveat or disclaimer stated.

At first glance, the article includes a number of additional flaws:

  • treating the worst known case as the classic case
  • portraying Matt Moore as dismissive of his Grindr scandal
  • stating that the acronym ‘NARTH’ stands for North American Reparative Therapy

Can you see any flaws Ive missed?


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