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Australian Politician Implies that Christianity Has No Place in Australia

TolerantArmyGay intolerance reached heightened levels in Australia during May 2013, when Australian politician Penny Wong reportedly criticised the Australian Christian Lobby, claiming that they hold views that have “no place in modern Australia.”

To understand the context of her comment, it’s necessary to grasp the historic practice that is referred to with the term “Stolen Generations”. This practice involved removal of native Aboriginal children from their families and the raising of those children mainly amongst caucasians, on the grounds that the children would then receive better care and education. The practice continued for many decades of the 20th century, and ended around the 1970s, with an Australian Prime Minister ultimately apologising in 2008 for the abuses and heartache that had occurred.

In May 2013, the conservative Australian Christian Lobby reportedly stated that same-sex marriage would create another stolen generation. They stated that support of same-sex marriage “ignored the consequence of robbing children of their biological identity through same-sex surrogacy and other assisted reproductive technology”.  Finance minister Penny Wong herself is raising a daughter with her lesbian partner, and it was in response to this statement that she reportedly said that the Lobby hold views that have “no place in modern Australia.”

Similar comments were made some months later by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, when he said that “extreme conservatives, who are right-to-life, pro-assault-weapon, anti-gay… if they are the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of New York.” And the year following, similar levels of intolerance were expressed by Canadian politicians.

Wong’s and Cuomo’s expressions of intolerance would not be representative of a large proportion of Australians, Americans, Canadians or politicians in general. But what does the future hold? As public sentiment changes to increasingly approve of same-sex marriage, will tolerance of Christian perspectives decrease all the more? Some media reports of the above dialogue already describe the Australian Christian Lobby as “ultra-conservative”. Will Christian perspectives ultimately be outlawed in western countries?


2 Comments on “Australian Politician Implies that Christianity Has No Place in Australia”

  1. Boo says:

    Let me get this straight, you show the actual context of the remarks, which clearly indicates they have nothing to do with Christianity, then you turn around and insist it’s intolerance of Christianity? So does the whole thing about presenting both sides of the story mean you present both truth and falsehood?

    • stasisonline says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Boo. I dont agree that a public statement from the Australian Christian Lobby would have nothing to do with Christianity though. I know that some people perceive Christianity as simply being about things that happen inside a church, but Christianity is much more extensive than that. The orthodox understanding of Christianity is that it refers to following Jesus Christ, as defined in the Bible. In the Bible we see that Jesus gave many principles that he expected Christians to follow, not just in church, but in all areas of their lives. Those principles include offering support to the vulnerable, including children. This is why historically Christian churches have been very involved in orphanages, and in facilitating welfare in the 3rd world etc. The Lobby believes that intentionally raising children separately from their biological parents, is not optimal for those children, and is effectively stealing the natural link between biological parent and child, away from those children. Although there is no specific directive in the Bible to campaign for natural parenting, the Lobby’s campaign does fall under the broader Biblical directive to support the vulnerable, including children. If you ask any Christian minister whether Christians are supposed to stand up for the vulnerable, and I think the minister would say ‘yes’. But what this politician has said, is that in modern Australia, there is no place for arguments against gay and lesbian couples creating children that were artificially reproduced for them. The minister has effectively said that it’s inappropriate for the Lobby to say what the Lobby feel they have a Christian duty to say. Or in other words, she is saying ‘no’ to Christians carrying out that aspect of their Christianity in Australia.

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