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Today I Met Someone with Klinefelter’s Syndrome

This post is more reflective, than my usual style …

Today I unintentionally met someone with Klinefelter’s Sydrome. I was fascinated and asked him lots of questions, which he was happy to answer. He told me he was born with chromosomes that are XXY rather than the standard XY for males or XX for females. And he said his testosterone levels are lower than an average man, that he has low hair growth, that he receives related medical treatment, and that sexually he cannot ejaculate. He told me that in the early days of obtaining medical assistance, they asked him whether he wanted to be male or female. That sounds very 50/50 huh. But when I met him, he looked male, dressed male, sounded male and I would not have guessed that he was in any sense inter-sex. He seemed fairly standard overall and told me that he studies computing. His description of his condition lines up with what Wikipedia states. There are other conditions that likewise impact whether a person is 100% male or 100% female, eg de la Chapelle syndrome, where a male has XX chromosomes.

In the Bible, it says God created Adam and Eve as male and female. But I guess it doesnt say that all of humanity follows that strict pattern of either one or the other. Some say that the pattern changed with the Fall.

Life is so diverse and varied. Here is a relevant video I found later –


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