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John Becker Departs Truth Wins Out

Late in 2012, one of the key contributors departed from “Truth Wins Out”, the web-based group that opposes anything anti-GLBTI. The farewell post is intriguingly coy. That post is interesting not so much for what it does state, but what it doesnt state. The post isnt as warm as you might expect from a small organisation and it doesnt state why he ‘departed’. This naturally leads one to wonder what it is that TWO dont want the pubic to know about the departure. John’s posts lined up with the TWO ethos and based on those, he seemed to be a good fit for the organisation. And John obviously didnt want to quit writing, given that he continues to write and post elsewhere. Did TWO’s benefactors loose enthusiasm? Was there internal conflict? Was John asked to leave? At the end of the year, John wrote on facebook

“2012 was a year of highs and lows, but Id be lying if I said I wasnt glad to see it go.”


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