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Gay Activists Mislead Again

Gay activist organisation Truth Wins Out hit a low point in June, when they blogged about a radio interview with Australian Salvation Army media officer Major Andrew Craibe. Truth Wins Out (TWO) irresponsibly misconstrued the words of Major Craibe, titling their blog article “LGBT People Should Be Put to Death, Says Aussie Salvation Army Major“.

Either TWO deliberately misrepresented what was said in the June 21st Joy FM interview, or they have lost their way from the initial mission of the organisation, which was largely to counter religious opposition to homosexuality. Certainly Major Craibe ideally should have been clearer about what he meant. But by specialising in religious dialogue, TWO should be familiar with Christian terminology, eg how the Bible states that the result of sin is ‘death’ (IE spiritual death, for any sin). The Major was clearly not calling for capital punishment. The Handbook he defers to, prescribes nothing of the sort and capital punishment is a world away from other relevant local statements from his denomination. The Salvation Army has subsequently released a clarification.

Feedback on the TWO webpage displaying the article, includes criticism of TWO for ‘twisting’ and ‘distorting’ along with feedback defending the Major, claiming that he was simply repeating what the Bible states.

Through sensationalism, TWO achieved much interest in their blog article, to the point that their website became unavailable, as presumably their webserver became overloaded. But was it worth it? How do gay activists expect to be taken seriously, if they cant be accurate and reasonable?

Besen18-12-12Staff behind Truth Wins Out promoted more sensationalism in December, when they accused NARTH of ‘hating’ their gay clients.


2 Comments on “Gay Activists Mislead Again”

  1. Mike Pemberton says:

    I’m sorry, did you read the transcript?

    If death was only meant “Spiritually” I think that the first thing ANYONE would say that didn’t mean Literal death would be a clarification on the terms. If the Salvation Army’s book is so clear on that why was the link removed to download this document?

    You seem REALLY obsessed with the Gay issue. Why do you feel your beliefs need to speak for all of the people who don’t have the same belief system. Christain Science doesn’t believe in medication, should getting medical aid become Illegal?

    You know in your heart that YOU are the one twisting the truth, You think God is going to give you a pass because you think it’s for a good cause? I think you should get to know some gays and find they are wonderful people and the ones who are spreading lies and viciousness are people like you.

    • stasisonline says:

      Hi Mike, thanks for your feedback. Like all feedback to this blog, Im going to interpret it as serious rather than rhetorical.

      No I didnt read the transcript, but I did listen to the audio recording, which I think is a better option because then you catch the nuance of voice tone etc, providing a more accurate representation.

      I have relatives in the Salvation Army, who as far as Ive seen, are civil and polite towards gay people, and I know a gay guy who is actually a part of a Salvation Army congregation down under. On this basis, the idea that Major Craibe believes that gay people should be physically killed does not seem credible to me. Yes, he should have clarified if he meant spiritual death. I suspect that either he was not familiar with the details of topic at hand, or he was suffering from stage fright and not thinking clearly. But the Bible does seem to say that gay people deserve ‘death’ (Romans 1) as it says for everyone else too (Romans 6 etc), so if asked whether gay people deserve death, the Biblical response is indeed in the affirmative. But ‘deserving’ and ‘prescribing’ are two very different things! The Bible teaches that God’s grace means we can avoid what we deserve, if we follow him.

      I did not claim that the S.A. handbook is “clear”. Rather I claimed that the handbook does not prescribe capital punishment for homosexuality. If the handbook did prescribe that, I doubt the book would be legal in Western countries. I assume that the link to the Salvation Army handbook was removed while they review their policy. This review of policy likely arose because of the pressure they have been under, not only due to this article, but separately from pressure groups who have been discouarging others from donating to them while the Army continues to officially regard homosexual practise as sinful. Many other denominations have reviewed their own policy in recent decades, as have many non-Christian groups.

      I dont think Im any more obsessed with homosexuality than say, the people at TWO, am I? I dont think my beliefs need to speak for all of the people who don’t have the same belief system, and I dont think civil laws should mirror Biblical laws.

      I really dont think Im twisting the truth. Why do you think I am? I do know some gays, and they vary, but yes some are wonderful. I have not claimed they are not wonderful. Ive just claimed that from a Christian point of view, homosexual practise is sin, as are numerous other practises such as jealosy, drunkiness, etc etc. I realise that many Christians are unchristian in their response though. The true Christian response to homosexuals should be both civil and warm, while not condoning the sin.

      Best regards.

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