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Gay propaganda by an Australian university

Everybody deserves an education, no matter what their sexual preferences. Accordingly many universities have anti-discrimination policies in place that protect those who adhere to minority sexual orientations. Few (or none?) would disagree with this position.

But should universities be in the business of advancing political causes or values that are not broadly reflective of the wider community? Certainly a reasonable case could be made for this within reason. EG if the science faculty concludes that fluoridation of water causes more harm than good, I suggest its reasonable for them to state that finding on their website, in newsletters etc. But would it be reasonable for the university to condemn politicians who dont agree, beyond stating the facts? No, I suggest that would be inappropriate. That would be politicking – going beyond the facts and beyond their expertise. It would be unprofessional meddling.

Macquarie University in Australia, goes beyond politicking and into propaganda. Take a look at this webpage; Myths of the LGBTI community.

  • Homosexuality is considered normal in most of the world’s cultures.” Really? is it considered normal in your culture? In my culture, many would say its considered ‘kinda’ normal. Those who are more generous would say it’s ‘largely’ considered normal. But in many of the cultures of the world it’s clearly and legally rejected. Think Russia, think Eastern Europe, think of the Middle East and predominantly Islamic countries. Whether most cultures accept openly or not, legally or not, is not the same as whether they consider it ‘normal’. This oversimplified statement is misleading and substandard for a university.
  • It is accepted that around 10% of people are GLBTI which would suggest that 10% of the people in most professions would be GLBTI.” Sure GLBTI people will be represented in most professions, but fairly equally spread out across them? Id want proof of that. But is any proof cited? No. How many gay electricians or plumbers do you know? How many professional gay footballers? Even uneducated people know that gay men are more likely to be hairdressers or work in the entertainment industry. Who is this university trying to fool? Oh, yes that’s right – teenagers fresh out of highschool who dont know any better.
  • Homosexuals are neither more nor less sexually promiscuous than heterosexuals.” Not according to other stats from the same university.

I think this university should be ashamed. But they are not the only university to display low standards. At the University of Toronto, a campus minister even affirms the classic 2012 Matthew Vines video as “compelling”!


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