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Feature: Flaws in the Matthew Vines Video

This page replaces my original post on Matthew Vines. But at this stage, the original post and comments remain as they were.

In 2012, a youtube video began circulating through cyberspace and then was featured in news reports (some accused of being unbalanced), claiming to demonstrate that the Bible ultimately supports homosexuality and same-sex marriage, even for Christians. The video is found in various locations, including here . Many who view the presentation, including sceptical Christians, seem to be swayed into accepting the reasoning as legitimate. The arguments within the video are apparently not new, and are very similar to previous summaries, eg from Bruce Lowe a decade earlier, and to Five Uneasy Pieces – a book released just one month before the video was made. (The presenter has subsequently been criticised for saying that his approach of promoting a theology of homosexual relations not being sinful, is new. It’s not a new). Gagnon reportedly says that the arguments were refuted years prior to the filming. So is the presentation as balanced and reliable as it seems? It’s long – over an hour, so a quality refutation needs to be long too, as per the following sections of critical analysis. I conclude that there are significant flaws in the presenter’s logic and theology, and that the content of the presentation is contradicted by leading Biblical scholarship, by historical records and by modern sociology.

The illusion of knowledge

Below are my responses to the presentation, broken down into 13 sections -

1. No, this isnt Uneducated, Unchristian Hatred

2. How Matthew Vines Misrepresents Homosexuality

3. Why Matthew Vines’ Assessment of Being Alone, is Cherry-picking

4. How Matthew Vines Misinterprets the Parable of the Fruit

5. How Matthew Vines Undervalues Homosexuals

6. How Matthew Vines Oversimplifies Whether the Old Testament Laws Remain Valid

7. Something Matthew Vines Got Right

8. How Matthew Vines Misrepresents Ancient Understandings of Homosexuality

9. How Matthew Vines Misinterprets Romans 1

10. How Matthew Vines Whitewashes 1 Corinthians 6:9

11. How Matthew Vines Appears Inconsistent in his Interpretation of 1 Timothy 1:10

12. How Matthew Vines Conclusions Are Flawed

13. Responses from others, to Matthew Vines’ presentation

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